227TH Assault Helicopter Battalion

1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)


Large pics!

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  1. Larry Russell, Masher 15? Mel Canon
  2. Tony Rogers Gilbert Fain
  3. Terry Glendy Bob Blake
  4. Larry Vaught Gary Dekay
  5. Larry Campbell
  6. Bob Woodruff
  7. Don Card Lou Cuviller
  8. Ed Hemmingsen Terry Bridgman
  9. Tim Braun
  10. Richard Crosley? Jim Strickland? Dave Greene
  11. Mike Shamma Roger Grimes
  12. Ted Jacoby
  13. Lynn Christiansen Bill Tisdale
  14. Donnie Leverton Jim Strickland
  15. Jim Hudson
  16. Stan Oswald Paul Kerns
  17. George Smith Richard Cross
    Gary Orr
    Bill Martin
    Steve Harper
    Larry Vaughn
    WO1 Thomas Carlisle
(KIA 3/29/68)
    WO1 Joseph (Gil) Laszlo
(KIA 3/29/68)
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from Steve Harper (click on thumbnail for larger view)

A/C Steve Harper A Shau Valley Bob Blake and
Tony Kernagis
Tom Carlisle
Chaplain Grant Gerry Colonna
(Mr. Maintenance)
Bob Dibble Don Card
Tony Gaznick 'Home' on Dog
with Ralph Obenauf
'Home' on English LZ Dog
Mel Canon and kids Mel and friends Ralph Obenauf and
Tony Gaznick
George Smith
Steve Harper Steve and Sp5 Knutson Tony Kernagis Paul Vernon @ DROS!

from Larry Russell



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