Photo Description;

Ashau 1 C-130 making an airdrop LZ Stallion Prior to the Shootdown.

Ashau 2 Damaged C-130 flying a low level S.E. to N.W. along the Valley Axis Just south of the southern end of LZ Stallion airstrip. The rear ramp is down.

Note the battle damage to the fuselage, position of the control surfaces, fuel streaming from the left wing, and the abandoned NVA Bulldozer in the foreground.

Ashau 3 C-130 Just prior to impact. Note the grey speck at the rear of the ramp is a crewmember jumping out of the aircraft, also note the Cav troopers in the foreground.

Ashau 4-8 Impact

Ashau 9 View of the crash site from LZ Stallion

Ashau 9A Fuselage wreckage as seen by 1/12 recovery crew on April 27th.

These photos were scanned from hard copies.