My Black Granite Angel


Although you are not of this world, I can feel you near by.

There is something oh so familiar about you.

Your face fades in and out of my memory,

But your smile and your laughter take me back to good times.

When my heart fills with grief, I feel your arms around me.

And you whisper "let me bear your pain."

I am confused, are you part of my dreams or part of my nightmares?

What is our connection, where did we meet and why did you leave me?

It is coming back to me now, I hear the sounds of guns and the cries of pain.

The smell is the stench of death and I now realize we are at war.

You seemed more real back then as we walked side by side through the jungles.

You bared your soul to me, as I did mine to you, we became brothers.

And I will not let you down, I will protect you and let no harm come to you.

Each day we escape death, brings us one day closer to home.

But my body aches from the weight of my pack and I feel a deep thirst.

You tell me to rest and you go on alone in search for water.

Me eyes are heavy from lack of sleep and soon I am in slumber.

I am confused as I wake to the sounds of a land mine.

As I gather my gun and my thoughts, I realize you have not come back.

My heart is pounding as I go in search of my brother.

But I am too late, I let my guard down and now you are gone.

I have failed you and I am so very very sorry.

As I walk towards that black granite Wall, I begin to weep.

How I wish it was my name on there and not yours.

Suddenly, I begin to feel the warmth of your presence and

The feeling we are side by side again, you and me.

You take my hand in yours and we gently rub your name and years of guilt

flow from my body.

I hear you whisper to me, "in war there will be death, let that death be

only mine and live life for the both of us, for we will forever be brothers.

And I will always be your black granite angel.



Ruth A. Lukkari


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